First Grade Supply List

*It is not necessary to label individual supplies* 



Please bring the following supplies the day of the Open House before school starts:

Art Supplies
·     $15 Action donation in a labeled envelope
·      1 plastic shoe box
o   ex: Sterilite, usually comes in a 3 pack.
o   This will be your child’s art box.  This holds all of their supplies neatly in their desk!
·     2 boxes of pencils
o   regular, yellow pencils, no designs please!
·     Colored Pencils
·     Crayons
·     Markers (No permanent markers please)
·     4 packages of glue sticks
·     1 bottle of liquid glue
·     1 pair of scissors
·     3 packages of pink erasers
·     1 water color paint set
·     1 two-pocket folder
Classroom Supplies
·     2 boxes of tissues
·     2 rolls of paper towels
·     1 pair of ear-buds (for iPads)
·     2 containers of Lysol disinfectant wipes
·     1 bottle of hand sanitizer
Art Supplies
 ·       Pencils, glue sticks, and easers all get collected and placed into classroom buckets for use throughout the year.  Please don't worry about buying large glue sticks or anything extra special.  We all share materials together! 
·       It is important that students have writing and art supplies at home, as well, in order to complete various homework assignments throughout the year.
·       Some of the above materials may need to be replenished around January (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.)  A notice will go home if needed.
·       Please do not send in small, hand held pencil sharpeners to school, along with any other small trinkets for students’ art boxes. These cause distractions during the school day!