Second Grade




Classroom News For  May

Religion- We are discussing ways to use the 11th commandment:Love One Another As I Have Loved You.  We are reading scriptures that show Jesus permorming this way.  The children love hearing the stories about Jesus and his miracles. 

Reading-The class has finished unit 7.  They have also read another chapter book called"Tornado".  They enjoyed learning about tornadoes and tornado alley in our country.  We have written persuasive paragraphs abot food because the Superkids have done the same thing!  Mrs. C. will choose a paragraph that she will be "persuaded by".  Will let you know her winning choice!

 Spelling-  The class will get their spelling words and a pre-test on Mondays.  Pages named-"Back pack Pages" will be sent home each Monday.  These words will be studied during the week in school and should be looked over eac night for homework.  All words are related to our trade books, SUPER magazines and Superkids stories. Tests are every Friday unless you hear from me about a schedule change.  Children that pass a pretest with 100% correct do not take the test on Friday.

Math- Our new unit will be about Geometry.  The class is happy with this unit already.  They are naming shapes all over the classroom!

Science-This month we will study animals.  The children will construct a booklet about the types of animals.  We will learn about their habitats and life cycles.

Social Studies- Our new unit is Economics.  The class will learn about wants and needs and about saving money.  We will have a visitor from Wells Fargo bank coming to teach us morte about these topics.

Handwriting- The class is writing small case letters in cursive handwriting.  They are very careful during their lesson, it is soooo quiet in the room as their minds tell their hands to concentrate on forming those letters!!

Phonics- The class will begin unit 6.  This section in  our work consists of vowel pairs, vowel digraphs and vowel dipthongs.


Mrs. C. Massetti