Important Contacts Directory

Boscarino, Erica Admissions/Advancement and SPARK* Before/After School & Vacation Program Billing  Email
Brigantic, Mary Jane (Janie) 7th Grade Teacher Email
Cassidy, Heather Home and School Association President, 2017-2018 Email
Chodkowski, Christa Principal Email
Daniels, Carolyn Music Teacher, Grades PreK-5 Email
DeManche, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher Email
Faraci, Caesar Athletic Director  Email
Grossomanides, Elaine (Leni) Grade 6 Green Teacher Email
Heffter, Angela 4th Grade Teacher Email
Henderson, Kendra Choral Music Teacher, Grades 6-8 Email
Julius, Alison Pre-K 4 Teacher Email
Julius, Emma Pre-K3 Teacher Email
Maier, Nancy 8th Grade Teacher Email
Massetti, Catherine 2nd Grade Teacher Email
McAuliffe, Lily School Board President; Parent Ambassadors Chair Email
Roy, Lisa Art Teacher Email
Scarpati, Kevin Physical Eduation Teacher Email
Sesto, Nancy Kindergarten Teacher Email
Shemkovitz, Alison Grade 6 Gold Teacher Email
Sita, Alicia Administrative Assistant Email
Torrente, Barbara 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Torres, Lysette Sports Booster Club Co-Chair with Lily McAuliffe Email
Trella, Margaret World Language Email
Yanelli, Doreen 5th Grade Teacher Email
Zacchia, Enza Fair Share Hours Coordinator Email