Third Grade Grading Policy

 Grading Policy:

  • Student grades are scored on an outcome based scale: Exceeds Grade Level expectation (E), Grade Level Expectation (G), Minimum Level Expectation (M), Not Meet Expectations (N)
  • Students’ grades will be taken from work samples, formal and informal assessments, literacy skill assessments, writing assessments, and math assessments.
  • Students’ grades will be based on the ability to understand and apply whole and small group instruction.
  • Students’ grades can be reevaluated after reassessments with no minimum number of retakes.
  • Work Skills and Social Development grades will include behavior, work habits, class participation, and homework.
  • Homework Check List:  All written work.  Students follow written directions.  I will grade on:  Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Penmanship.  Grades are: Check plus - Outstanding work - no mistakes, Check - Good work - few mistakes, Check minus - Needs improvement - many mistakes