Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Pre-K 3

Miss Emma Julius, Teacher


NE-Mail – Emma.Julius@olmcmeriden.com

NPhone - 203-235-2959

NSchool Website - www.olmcmeriden.com

Daily Schedule:

 **Please note: This is just a schedule guide; activities may be switched around on different days.


Morning Announcements and Prayer

Free Play

Morning Meeting

Reading Readiness & Religion

Snack & Bathroom


Morning Recess

Lunch (half day students leave)


Afternoon Recess/Afternoon Activity

Afternoon Meeting

Pack up and Dismissal


Art: Monday

Gym: Thursday

Music: Friday

Potty Training:

NYour child must be fully potty trained to be in this program.

NFull training includes being able to handle all bathroom needs without assistance (wiping, cleansing, pulling up/down pants, etc.).

Religion Program:

NI Am Special by The Catholic Company, is designed for an early childhood development of faith. It is centered on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ featuring activities, stories from the Bible, music crafts, prayer, and games.

Reading Program:

NVoices PreK by Zanner-Bloser explores six central themes; all about me, you and me, sharing, respecting others, family and friends, and teamwork. Designed to stimulate discussion and help create a caring environment to create a successful learning process. A skill explored throughout each theme is social-emotional development, putting an emphasis on relationships and community. Each theme also focuses on oral development to increase listening, speaking, vocabulary, and fluency while integrating other subject areas, such as math, science, social studies, art, and music.

Math Program:

NThe “MathStart” program is a set of big books used to introduce and explore math concepts; matching, counting, comparing sizes/amounts, capacity, shapes, patterns, sorting, and sequencing. Each book is followed by numerous activities to deepen the understanding of the topic.

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.” 

-Friedrich Froebel