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No OLQA Summer Program :( ... this year

May 7th, 2020

Dear Summer Families,
It is with great sadness, that I have to announce that we will NOT be able to run our usual SUMMER PROGRAM for 2020.  We tried to come up with so many options to try and be able to continue to open during these trying times.  Unfortunately, we just cannot meet all the requirements to ensure the children's safety and the staffs safety that are being required. 
Please note, that this is hopefully just a Summer INTERMISSION and we can RESUME NEXT SUMMER 2021!
From ALL of us at OLMC and OLQA Summer Staff, we will miss you all terribly.  We hope and pray YOU and YOUR FAMILIES are stay healthy and staying safe.
Thank YOU for your support in these uncertain times.

Mrs. Cat Quinn

OLMC Spark*! Program Director

[email protected]

203-235-2959 ext. 135 / 203-630-2427 (fax)
OLQA Summer Program Director
[email protected]ourladyqueenofangels.net 


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