The Inclusion Committee works together to strengthen Our Lady of Mount Carmel School and the larger community by promoting an environment of involvement, connection, and respect through the celebration of each other’s differences while embracing a multitude of voices and talents. We will strive to ensure each and every student feels valued and respected by being transparent about differences and cultivating respect for people of all backgrounds, uniqueness, and abilities.

Some of the efforts that have manifested as a result of OLMC School's Culture of Inclusion include:

  • Summer reading for staff and students, with a focus on inclusionary mindsets

  • The Wingman for Schools Program

  • Meriden Rotary Club-sponsored Buddy Benches

  • Published suggested reading materials throughout the year via OLMC School's Weekly Quick Hits Newsletter

  • The involvement of an OLMC mother, serving as our Spanish translator for documents and conversation as needed

  • "Inclusion" bulletin boards in classrooms

  • Principal and Inclusion Teacher Chairperson attended Notre Dame's "Latino Enrollment Institute" to further understand the importance of welcoming not only the vast Latino population into Catholic education, but also all others

  • Recitation of "The Lord's Prayer" in various languages over the intercom each day, by staff and students

  • OLMC School website "translate" function into any language

  • Regular acknowledgements, presentations, and awareness of the diversity that God has created:

    • National Disability Awareness Month (students signed a pledge to refrain from using negative language about people with cognitive and developmental differences)

    • National Adoption Awareness Month (students and families impacted by adoption shared their stories, read books with classes, and the school conducted a "Wear Red" dress down day with special red "LOVE" bracelets distributed

    • ....and so much more! Stay up to date via our social media platforms!! We are so proud that our #cultureofinclusion is alive, well, and growing each day!